Company Philosophy

Since February 22, 1959, when W.E. Quicksall & Associates was founded by William E. Quicksall Sr. P.E., William E. Quicksall Jr, P.E., P.S., and H. Paul Quicksall P.E., WEQA has earned a reputation of integrity and quality service to private, local, state, and federal clients.

In what began as a surveying and civil engineering design firm operating out of the back of W.E. Quicksall, Jr.’s station wagon in 1959 has grown into a firm recognized today across the state of Ohio for its quality work, client satisfaction, and experienced and knowledgeable staff.

In 1993, David and Donald Quicksall, both Registered P.E’s and sons of W.E. Quicksall, Jr. assumed Ownership and continue to operate the firm today.  Under their leadership, WEQA has adapted and shifted with the ever changing demands of the civil engineering industry all while maintaining the steadfast conviction of exceeding client needs and expectations.

Nathan Quicksall, son of Donald Quicksall began his career with the firm in 2010 working with the Transportation Department as a Design Engineer.   In June 2014, Nathan was promoted to a management position at WEQA and is now serving as the Business Operations Manager.

Build the legacy of Our People and Our Clients

Client Focus, Legacy Driven


Our People

  • Integrity and Responsibility – We believe in honesty, integrity and taking ownership of work.
  • Balance – We support healthy lifestyles and work-life balance.
  • Communication – We encourage communication within our organization throughout the year regarding career development and mentorship.
  • Development – We support and promote the development of our employees’ careers and encourage our staff to set goals and challenge themselves to be successful.

Our Clients

  • Building Relationships – We believe in building relationships with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering on our promises.
  • Client Expectations – We believe in striving to exceed client expectations through all phases of our services.
  • Public Welfare – We provide services to our clients with the health & safety of the public at the forefront of our planning and design.
  • Quality – We believe delivering quality service to our clients has enabled us to sustain long-term relationships.

W.E. Quicksall Sr.

W.E. Quicksall Jr.

H. Paul Quicksall
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